Wit and WisdomWit and Wisdom

We are happy to introduce our newest contributor series to Push Living. These articles will bring to you a unique and thoughtful wisdom on Life, Disability, and Spirituality. If you have an article you would like to publish here, please submit it for consideration. We are always happy to support writers who have a voice that resonates with "wit and wisdom".

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wheely favorite thingsOur Wheelie 

Favorite Things

In our new column, we will be profiling the best five things for wheelchair-users:- the best products, places, and things that you will not want to miss! 

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Mountain stream and waterfall


PhotoAbility was created by PUSH Living to increase the usage of imagery of people with disabilities in the tourism, leisure and lifestyle mediums by providing high quality stock photos. 

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lawDisability Law

Should you have ADA questions, you can submit them confidentially.

Selected questions will be answered publicly on this page in a forum, that will be up and running soon, to help educate and inform Push Living readers.

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rolnrnRollin RN featuring Patty Kunze & “Ask Patty”

Patty has been a Nurse for 31 years. Then in 2009 she was in a car accident and sustained a spinal cord injury herself resulting in t-3/4 complete paraplegia. She is offering feature articles on topics that are of interest to women with similar injuries or other conditions that affect mobility.

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gimp pimpNew Series!

Profiles in Online Dating: Woman with Disabilities Share Their Road Back to Love, Lust and Empowerment.

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Charitable Fund

PUSH Living believes the WORLD being accessible to all means also giving back to those who are still seeking freedom.

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